Welcome to Young Sparks Academy!

Young Sparks academy gives all children the opportunity to deep dive into more intensive course-based programs while still having all the fun of our regular Young Sparks activities. These scholarship based short-courses extend beyond the normal school curriculum covering topics including; business, entrepeneurship, finance, science, nutrition, advanced chess skills and more. Our courses are designed and run by the internal Young Sparks professional team, often in partnership with other educational organisations. As always, our team of young team members are at the forefront of our course planning, making sure that each course is interactive, engaging and of course packed full of fun!

Here at Young Sparks, our core mission is to help all children to grow to their full potential. We believe in giving children and families equal opportunities, regardless of their financial or social position and there is no exception when it comes to delivering our more intensive Young Sparks Academy courses. We do this by opening our scholarship applications up to every child and offering all courses at a fully subsidised (is this the right word to use?) cost, meaning they are 100% funded by Max Biocare and 100% free.

Scholarship Information – All programs within our Academy are scholarship based, so spots are limited for each course.

Why have them scholarship based in the first place?

Simple – we want to make sure that your child has the best experience possible.

By having an application process, we ensure that your child is well suited to the course curriculum based on their interests. By having smaller group numbers, we ensure that every child is given prime opportunity to participate, contribute and receive individual feedback and assessment from our course teachers and facilitators.

Application details

To be eligible for our scholarship, applicants must:

  • Commit to attending and completing the program if awarded this scholarship;
  • Participate in an exit interview after each course to share feedback about the program; and
  • Agree to touch base with Young Sparks during the year following certification to share their experience applying this knowledge

Each course will differ in terms of what they require, although the they will follow a pattern like this:

  1. Application form
  2. Short video or a series of questions

T&C: Each course will offer a limited number of spaces and scholarships

Upcoming Young Sparks Academy Courses

ASX Stock Market Course
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ASX Stock Market Course Information:

Activity Date: 01/09 – 04/11 (10-30 mins per day)
Compulsory session date: 30/80, 13/09, 27/09, 11/10
Presentation Date: 04/11

Tutors/Instructors: Tim, Paul Nichols

This course will teach your child how to:

  • Invest, buy and sell shares
  • The value of short-term returns (ie. Daily ups and downs that you see in the real stock market)
  • Introduce them to the aspect of networking
  • How to research companies and place a simulated trade
  • Learn about Australian companies and what they do

Meet some our Young Sparks Academy Talent

Read more about
Ashwin Mehta

Business Talent

Ashwin Mehta

Read more about
Puwit Sky Moerlien

Chess Talent

Puwit Sky Moerlien

Read more about
Pantham Kaewpitakkun

Chess Talent

Pantham Kaewpitakkun

What kids and parents are saying about Young Sparks Academy

Thank you so much for the chess crafts event today. My twins Zara and Erin had a great time, they said it was 9.5/10 🙂
— Grandparents of Zara and Erin

I highly recommend this course for young entrepreneurs to educate themselves about creating a business venture
— Ashwin Meta, 15years old, Owns his own clothing company

I think Young Sparks Allegro Chess is such a big challenge for me and I’m very excited to be a part of this competition.
Thanks for organizing the Chess tournament and it was a great experience for having a great place to play chess.
— Nguyen Yen Nhi, 16years old, 600-1100 Major

I loved the business course and it was really interesting to look at what it takes to actually start a business.
It was a great way to learn how to make money.
— Hiba Nasir, 13years old, Public Speaking champion

Meet the tutors



Dr. George Thouas has worked as a scientist in medical research for nearly 20 years. At Max Biocare, he researches and develops new products for many areas of human health. Outside of work, George loves science fiction movies, bike riding, and walking his beautiful dog.

Candidate Master


Anthony Hain has been a chess coach for over 10 years. He enjoys the mental challenge of mind games and puzzles, including playing chess blindfolded. Outside of chess his hobbies include squash & racquetball.

Founder of Elli


Paul is the Managing Director and Founder of elli, a remote-care mobile application that delivers peace-of-mind to the families of those living with dementia. His passion is in creating digital products that have a positive impact. A business guy with a technical background, he loves to teach and share what he has been able to experience over the last 14 years in the industry, a perfect match for our Young Sparks.