I would like to introduce you all to Hiba Nasir! She participated in YoungSparks Entrepreneurial course, which was ran in partnership with Australian School of Entrepreneurship (ASE). The course occurred over the duration of 5days, where we ran through a series of business principles. These including marketing techniques, how to make a business plan and the importance of understanding profit and loss, and budgeting and pricing. We had a terrific group join us for the program, with a diverse range of ages, locations and backgrounds. As such, I was granted the opportunity to interview Hiba Nasir and find out more about her.

This 13year old girl is not only interested in business, but is also passionate about beauty, paint, and public speaking. Never hearing of a young girl who loves public speaking, I wanted to find out how she found this passion.

With Father’s Day around the corner and Melbournians still on lockdown, it’s a little hard to do something special for our dads. Well, that’s what we initial thought too, until we realised that dads just want to spend time with us!

So, what we thought we would do is compile a list of fun activities or events you could do with your dad to make it a special day!

After our YoungSparks Allegro Chess Tournament, I had the honor of interviewing our YoungSparks champion Puwit Sky Moerlien. At just the age of 12, Puwit managed to bring home the cup and win his first YoungSparks tournament. Being from Kansas, USA, he stayed up till all hours of the morning to compete, stating that he loves the competition and being challenged.

At a young age, 6years old to be exact, Puwit’s schoolteacher thought he was very hyperreactive, so his parents signed him up to play chess, and from then on, he excelled in it. Chess giving him the opportunity to meet new people and interact with people who have the same energy as him. A lot of the people he currently socializes with, he has met throughout his chess career and some have even become his best friends – isn’t that amazing!

Over the winter school holidays, Young Sparks ran two entrepreneurial courses for children who were wanting to learn more about the business world. The courses were run by Young Sparks, in partnership with Australian School of Entrepreneurship (ASE), over the duration of 5days, where they ran through business principles, such as marketing techniques, how to make a business plan and the importance of understanding profit and loss, and budgeting and pricing. We had a terrific group join us for the program, with a diverse range of ages, locations and backgrounds. Some students had no business experience, and some had already started their own businesses, like 15-year-old Ashwin Mehta.


Over the recent school holidays, we held our 1st Allegro Chess Tournament! We devised it into three divisions, whereby over 200 games were played! There were also multiple prizes up for grabs, with the overall prize value consisting of $1000 – whereby 21 prizes were given out in total!
Being very fortunate that we had participates from all over the world, the children who received these prizes were from Asia, North America and Oceania.
On behalf of our team at Young Sparks, we would just like to give a huge congratulations to our prize winners and thank everyone for participating!

Do your children have any activities during this COVID-19 school holiday?

Have your children ever been bored during the school holidays?

Have you ever felt like you just needed a break?

Do you children want to meet someone new of the same intellectual interest under professional supervision?

Well, let me reassure you, we are here for you during this crazy time so that your kids are looked after and learn new knowledge and skills while you are at work or have a break!

Offering, FREE online chess lessons, FREE chess tournament for your children to test their skills, and a FREE business course – what more could you want?

With a school holiday program to be jealous of, let us give your children the experience of a lifetime and hand you a few hours of well-earned freedom.


ACTIVITY ONE – 6 sessions of Chess Course in 2 weeks

Topic: World Chess Champion History

Dates and Time: 2pm-4pm AEST (GMT+10)

    • Wednesday, 1st of July 
    • Friday, 3rd of July 
    • Sunday, 5th of July 
    • Wednesday, 8th of July 
    • Friday, 10th of July

Course Details: https://youngsparks.net/2020/06/27/chess-world-champion-history/

Get your ticket (FREE): https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/free-online-chess-course-and-chess-tournament-at-young-sparks-kids-club-tickets-111397912154


ACTIVITY TWO – Young Sparks International Chess Tournament (9 rounds on 2 days)

Arbiter: Anthony Hain, CM

Register on: https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/young-sparks  (Clink the website, and select ‘Enter event now’ to fill your details to register.)

Format: 9 rounds, FIDE rated

Age: The tournament is recommended for children 6-14 years old  

Total Prize value A$990 (21 prizes in total)


    • Over 1000 
    • 700 1000 
    • Under 700

Time Control: 15 minutes + 3 seconds per move per player

Timetable:  (Time Zone: AEST (GMT+10) )

Round 1 – 5: Sunday 5th July, 3:00pm – 5:20pm (Please aim to be logged in by 2:50pm)

No games until Sunday 12th of July  

Round 6 – 9: Sunday 12th July, 3:00pm – 4:45pm (Please aim to be logged in by 2:50pm)

Full Timetable and Tournament Details: https://youngsparks.net/event/young-sparks-allegro-chess-tournament/


ACTIVITY THREE – Young Sparks Virtual Business Camp

Fees: FREE (20 scholarships for 20 students at a Virtual Business Camp, valued at $175/student)

Student Age Group: Suitable for children in Grade 5 to Grade 8 

Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm from 6th of July to Friday, 10th of July

To apply, please record a video (max 5 mins) or write a self-introduction message, showing us your unique personality making sure you answer the following questions:

    1. What is your superpower?
    2. What kind of things or people inspire you?
    3. If you could change anything in this world, what would it be?
    4. Why do you want to become an entrepreneur?

Submission can be sent via email(info@youngsparks.net), Facebook(YoungSparksAUS) or Instagram(@youngsparksaus)

Event details: https://youngsparks.net/event/5-days-virtual-business-camp-at-young-sparks/


At Young Sparks, we believe in giving children the best tools to succeed, and by making this FREE to all of you, this is us delivering on that promise. 

If you have any questions, please find us on Facebook(YoungSparksAUS) or Instagram(@youngsparksaus).

This is Young Sparks Virtual Business Camp Program curriculum, if you would like to join the Business Camp, please click: https://youngsparks.net/event/5-days-virtual-business-camp-at-young-sparks/


Introduction. Students will become acquainted with their fellow Business Campers, Camp Coaches and the virtual forum. Camp Coaches will discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur and go through basic business principles.
Visualisation Boards. Camp Coaches will invite students to create visual goals and create a digital visualisation board based on their vision for their life.
Ideation Introduction. Students will identify problems they see in their local community and brainstorm business solutions to solve it.
30 Second Elevator Pitch. Each student will be given the opportunity to present a solution to the whole cohort. Camp Coaches and fellow Business Campers will provide feedback and suggestions to students ideas.
Elements of Business. Students will watch an exciting, engaging and informative video explaining the different elements of a business and how they work together.
Business Plan. Students will choose one problem and one solution to form their business and will begin to develop a business plan through a mind map.
Mini Debate. Students will be able to engage in communication activities through a guided mini debate.
Personal Development. Students will learn about the importance of branding and will create their very own logo for their business.
Soft Skills Skit. Students will create and present a skit to showcase their business product or service to the cohort.

Wonder by RJ Palacio (age range 8-12)

“I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.

August Pullman, called Auggie by his close friends and family is a ten-year old boy, born with severe facial differences. Little kids hide behind their mothers when they see his face. Older kids are disgusted by him. But what they don’t see is behind the multiple surgeries that he is a normal ten-year-old kid. He has a dog that he loves more than anything called Daisy, he likes Star Wars and Halloween is his favourite holiday. Homeschooled for four years, he is starting in fifth grade at Beecher Prep.

Wonder tells of his struggles, frienships and most of all the power of kindness in an engaging and joyful read.

At school, a lot of you have probably heard of different types of learners.

  • There are visual learners, who prefer to look at information in pictures and graphs
  • Aural learners, who learn best when they can process the information through hearing it
  • Kinaesthetic learners, who absorb information best with hands-on activities
  • And, reading and writing learners, which, the name speaks for itself.

However, before you identify what your learning STYLE is, I want to first give some tips on working habits.

Although there is a wide range of different habits, I would say that there are two main groups.

First, there is something I like to call the ‘flow’ group. These types of students are reasonably loose with their studying and prefer to go with the flow. Instead of creating a timetable or follow a set structure to their learning, they have short spurts of work, which blends and becomes merged with break and relaxation times. They often struggle to finish work in a concentrated amount of time because of distractions, but they have a healthy relaxed approach to learning.

On the other hand, the ‘order’ group, are students who always have a fixed timetable, and a disciplined approach when it comes to study time. They can concentrate remarkably well and normally complete homework within a set time. These are those people whose desks are on the more organised side of things. However, their inflexible attitude to work means that they are unable to relax when it comes to taking a break, and often feel guilty when doing so.

Now, I understand that no one is completely one type, but I would like you to pick the one that you identify with most because… *drumroll*

Here are some specific tips to each type!