“Nobody Owens has spent his childhood in the most unusual of circumstances.”

He lives in a graveyard. Raised by ghosts, werewolves and other creatures who call the graveyard home, Bod learns how to disappear with his will and other ancient customs used by the dead, only to be thrust into the world of the living. Will Bod with his quirks and all, be able to confront life when all he’s ever known is death?

Wonder by RJ Palacio (age range 8-12)

“I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.

August Pullman, called Auggie by his close friends and family is a ten-year old boy, born with severe facial differences. Little kids hide behind their mothers when they see his face. Older kids are disgusted by him. But what they don’t see is behind the multiple surgeries that he is a normal ten-year-old kid. He has a dog that he loves more than anything called Daisy, he likes Star Wars and Halloween is his favourite holiday. Homeschooled for four years, he is starting in fifth grade at Beecher Prep.

Wonder tells of his struggles, frienships and most of all the power of kindness in an engaging and joyful read.

At school, a lot of you have probably heard of different types of learners.

  • There are visual learners, who prefer to look at information in pictures and graphs
  • Aural learners, who learn best when they can process the information through hearing it
  • Kinaesthetic learners, who absorb information best with hands-on activities
  • And, reading and writing learners, which, the name speaks for itself.

However, before you identify what your learning STYLE is, I want to first give some tips on working habits.

Although there is a wide range of different habits, I would say that there are two main groups.

First, there is something I like to call the ‘flow’ group. These types of students are reasonably loose with their studying and prefer to go with the flow. Instead of creating a timetable or follow a set structure to their learning, they have short spurts of work, which blends and becomes merged with break and relaxation times. They often struggle to finish work in a concentrated amount of time because of distractions, but they have a healthy relaxed approach to learning.

On the other hand, the ‘order’ group, are students who always have a fixed timetable, and a disciplined approach when it comes to study time. They can concentrate remarkably well and normally complete homework within a set time. These are those people whose desks are on the more organised side of things. However, their inflexible attitude to work means that they are unable to relax when it comes to taking a break, and often feel guilty when doing so.

Now, I understand that no one is completely one type, but I would like you to pick the one that you identify with most because… *drumroll*

Here are some specific tips to each type!


Hello and welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and are having a great summer. For me, I love the holidays, it’s a great chance for me to hang out with my friends, siblings and go swimming at the beach. Just like most children I was really excited for Christmas. This year I got to make lunch for my dad and brothers which was nice. I am not a very strong reader, although I did enjoy reading all the recipes and relating text back to pictures. Sometimes I don’t like reading because it gets boring, although if you find the right book, you can read all the time! Some people read books, the newspaper, articles, and more factual things. For me, I like to read magazines, short books, blogs, recipes and articles on things I like. I think it is important to practice and try to read as much as possible.

With the coronavirus still at large, we have decided to create a friendly competition!

The aim, to post a video with you washing your hands, and post it onto your social medias! You MUST tag us (our YoungSparks social media) and hashtag #YShandwashing

The first 25 to post the video will receive a FREE multi-charging cable AND the best 3 videos will receive a YoungSparks t-shirt!



Additionally! We recommend you follow WHO’s guide to washing your hands, and please remember to stay safe during this crazy time 😊

WHO’s Handwashing guidelines: https://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/Hand_Hygiene_Why_How_and_When_Brochure.pdf


We can’t wait to see all the videos and ideas you guys come up with!

May the best video win!


*Competition will run from the 14th of April to the end of the month

*T&Cs apply – you are only allowed to enter to one social media platform

Due to fears on the coronavirus and, health and safety concerns, this month’s kids club session will be online. We will be live streaming it on Facebook and participants are encouraged to join the Q&A online.

The main things you need to know:

  • Date: 28th of March
  • Where: Live streamed on MaxBiocare’s Facebook page
  • Who is going to be there: A doctor (PhD in computer science form JP) will join to answer questions from last session (i.e computer games vs screen time in kids)

We hope you can join us and show your support during this horrible time.


Call the numbers, email or respond to event on Facebook (once it appears) to enrol.


With kind regards & thanks,

Myanmar kids club