Details of the Arts and Crafts activity

Drawing on the concept of Origami and drawing demonstrations, the course will teach your children how to make hand-made envelopes, working on the skills previously mentioned. One of the reasons why Arts & Crafts is so important for children is that it gives them a sense of achievement and allows them to take pride in their work, which in turn builds confidence. This is so important in a child’s mental development.

Recommended age group: 5 – 7 years old

Platform: ZOOM (A link will be shared via EventBrite after registration)

Date and Time: 11am, Sunday, 4th of October

Register on EventBrite:

Things you need for this activity:

  • a couple of A4-sized papers;
  • SAFETY scissors; (otherwise please be sure to use the scissors for children)
  • drawing materials such as crayons or coloured markers, paper tapes(optioal), and stamps(optional).

Sofia Wang’s profile

“Growing up in China, I was an artsy kid starting to make art in my early childhood. Finished my graduate degree in both art history and design, I moved to Australia in 2015. I found myself in between two worlds and appreciate both cultures.
Since 2017, I’ve been working in the National Gallery Victoria across different departments, including Asian Art, Audience Engagement, and Marketing.
In my spare time, I enjoy comics drawing and origami(paper folding). In addition, I post short videos weekly documenting my art making activities.”

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I would like to introduce you all to Hiba Nasir! She participated in YoungSparks Entrepreneurial course, which was ran in partnership with Australian School of Entrepreneurship (ASE). The course occurred over the duration of 5days, where we ran through a series of business principles. These including marketing techniques, how to make a business plan and the importance of understanding profit and loss, and budgeting and pricing. We had a terrific group join us for the program, with a diverse range of ages, locations and backgrounds. As such, I was granted the opportunity to interview Hiba Nasir and find out more about her.

This 13year old girl is not only interested in business, but is also passionate about beauty, paint, and public speaking. Never hearing of a young girl who loves public speaking, I wanted to find out how she found this passion.

With Father’s Day around the corner and Melbournians still on lockdown, it’s a little hard to do something special for our dads. Well, that’s what we initial thought too, until we realised that dads just want to spend time with us!

So, what we thought we would do is compile a list of fun activities or events you could do with your dad to make it a special day!

From Tuesday 1st September until Wednesday 4th November, Young Sparks will host a free online activity for children interested in learning about the Stock market. Students will also join the official ASX Sharemarket game to trade in real trading conditions.
In addition, four 60-minus introductory sessions to provide some background information and insights on 30th August, 13th September, 27th September, and 11th of October.

This course will teach your child how to:

  • Invest, buy and sell shares
  • The value of short-term returns (ie. Daily ups and downs that you see in the real stock market)
  • Introduce them to the aspect of networking
  • How to research companies and place a simulated trade
  • Learn about Australian companies and what they do



  • The activity is run between the 1st of September until the 4th of November (Please keep in mind before enrolling that this is a 9week course – those enrolling need to have patience and endurance)
  • Tutors/Instructors will be available to answer questions via email
  • Compulsory course date:
    • 11am – 12pm, 30th of August – Covering “shares 101” & “how to place a share in the game” (Instructor: Tim)
    • 11am – 12pm, 13th of September – Q&A session and progress report (Instructor: Tim)
    • 11am – 12pm, 27th of September – Q&A session (Instructor: Paul Nichols)
    • 11am – 12pm, 11th of October– Q&A session and progress report (Instructor: Paul Nichols)
  • Presentation
    • 11am – 1pm, 4th of November(TBA)


About ASX Sharemarket Game

The ASX Sharemarket Game is an innovative, virtual trading game that allows people to trade over 200 ASX listed shares with a pool of $50,000 in virtual currency. The game allows users to learn how, when and why to buy and sell shares on the ASX – a great learning tool and experience for children who want to learn more about the stock-market, or the business world itself.


Meet the instructors:

Tim is an MBA qualified accountant specialising in Risk & Compliance Management. He has worked at several ASX listed companies and he currently works at the place that prints our money&passports, very cool! Tim has volunteer experience as a lecturer, so he will be well equipped to share his knowledge with our Young Sparks.

Paul Nichols
Paul is the Managing Director and Founder of elli, a remote-care mobile application that delivers peace-of-mind to the families of those living with dementia. His passion is in creating digital products that have a positive impact. A business guy with a technical background, he loves to teach and share what he has been able to experience over the last 14 years in the industry, a perfect match for our Young Sparks.


How to apply?

This course is recommended for kids between 10 and 18 years old (or students in Year 6 to Year 12).

Scholarship Application now closed.
(Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to host the course for everyone, the outcome of your application will be sent by 27th August.
However, all applicants will still receive the ASX game account and free advise from Young Sparks for self-learning by end of this month.)

If you have any questions, please contact us on Facebook, Instagram or email

After our YoungSparks Allegro Chess Tournament, I had the honor of interviewing our YoungSparks champion Puwit Sky Moerlien. At just the age of 12, Puwit managed to bring home the cup and win his first YoungSparks tournament. Being from Kansas, USA, he stayed up till all hours of the morning to compete, stating that he loves the competition and being challenged.

At a young age, 6years old to be exact, Puwit’s schoolteacher thought he was very hyperreactive, so his parents signed him up to play chess, and from then on, he excelled in it. Chess giving him the opportunity to meet new people and interact with people who have the same energy as him. A lot of the people he currently socializes with, he has met throughout his chess career and some have even become his best friends – isn’t that amazing!

Arbiter: Anthony Hain, CM

Format: 9 rounds, FIDE rated

Age: The tournament is open for children under 18 years old


Over 2000+ Master

1600-2000 Experts

1100-1600 Major

600-1100 Minor

Under 600 Rookies


Time Control: 15 minutes + 3 seconds per move per player

Timetable: (Time Zone: AEST (GMT+10)

Warmup: 2.30pm (EventBrite registration required)

Round 1: Sunday  August, 3:00pm

Round 2: Sunday 16th August, 3:35pm

Round 3: Sunday 16th August, 4:10pm

Round 4: Sunday 16th August, 4:45pm

Round 5: Sunday 16th August, 5:20 pm

No games until Sunday 23rd of August

Warmup: 2.30pm (EventBrite registration required)

Round 6: Sunday 23rd August, 3:00pm

Round 7: Sunday 23rd August, 3:35pm

Round 8: Sunday 23rd August, 4:10pm

Round 9: Sunday 23rd August, 4:45pm


Prizes: 21 Prizes available to win! Total Prize Value – $925

  • 1st: $50 Gift Voucher + gold medal
  • 2nd: $30 Gift Voucher + silver medal
  • 3rd: $20 Gift Voucher + bronze medal
  • Best Game: $25 Gift Voucher
  • Biggest Upset: $20 Gift Voucher
  • Largest Rating Improvement: $20 Gift Voucher
  • Brilliancy Award: $20 Gift Voucher
  • A total prize value of $925 to be won!
  • All awards winner’s will also receive a certificate


How to register and play

Warmup + Quick Chess Guide from Candidate Master: 2.30pm

Login/Signup to Tornelo and join the online tournament. Use the link below and select ‘Enter event now’ to fill your details to register:


On the day log in to Tornelo and go to the link above. Look for the big green Open Zoom room button to video conference with the arbiter. The button will open this zoom room:

IMPORTANT: When you join the Zoom meeting please put in YOUR name.


Please try to login about 2:45pm ready for a 3pm start. If the Arbiter does not see you in the zoom meeting you will not be paired in the first round.


How to login/sign up & check-in :

How to play on Tornelo:

Over the winter school holidays, Young Sparks ran two entrepreneurial courses for children who were wanting to learn more about the business world. The courses were run by Young Sparks, in partnership with Australian School of Entrepreneurship (ASE), over the duration of 5days, where they ran through business principles, such as marketing techniques, how to make a business plan and the importance of understanding profit and loss, and budgeting and pricing. We had a terrific group join us for the program, with a diverse range of ages, locations and backgrounds. Some students had no business experience, and some had already started their own businesses, like 15-year-old Ashwin Mehta.


Over the recent school holidays, we held our 1st Allegro Chess Tournament! We devised it into three divisions, whereby over 200 games were played! There were also multiple prizes up for grabs, with the overall prize value consisting of $1000 – whereby 21 prizes were given out in total!
Being very fortunate that we had participates from all over the world, the children who received these prizes were from Asia, North America and Oceania.
On behalf of our team at Young Sparks, we would just like to give a huge congratulations to our prize winners and thank everyone for participating!

Isolation has been a unique experience for everyone. Some people may say it’s also been fun and exciting, whereas others may not. Learning from home, hanging out with my family, and generally managing my own time, have all been positive aspects for myself. Although, what I’ve loved about isolation the most, is seeing how the community comes together to support one another.

A big downfall of isolation though is not being able to engage within a classroom, ask as many questions and further my connection with the teacher. These have all been difficult, however, also very beneficial. I have learned so much more about resources, as well as how to self-motivate myself, and become an initiator. This whole experience has really taught me to grow and learn by myself and truly become independent. And, believe it or not, this has increased my confidence and mindset towards home-based schooling. But I will say, the biggest downfall of isolation is not being able to see my friends. With not being able to see them, I have had to communicate with my friends more over text message and learn how to control the tone of my voice too.

Generally doing things that I love through quarantine has been so great. Being able to work out more, create more drawings and complete more creative activities, all when it best suits me, has truly been amazing. Although, I will say that my sleeping patterns have dramatically changed, and it’s been difficult to adjust to everything now that things are slowly starting to get back to normal.

With that, I hope everyone is keeping safe during this time and is taking advantage of the spare time we all now have.