Young Sparks is a community initiative by Max Biocare (MBc) for children of MBc family and wider community. The idea of Young Sparks was born with the spirit of giving back and becoming a part of the community through that spirit. That is why, Young Sparks is completely free for all its patrons. It aims to create a social, intellectual and enjoyable experience for children regardless of their family’s socioeconomic status. This involvement will also provide children with a unique opportunity to learn lifelong skills and grow to their full potential.

May, 2019

9 kids from 8 families participated Young Sparks’s first session in South Yarra, Victoria.

Oct, 2019

More than 100 families joined Young Sparks sessions.

Feb, 2020

Young Sparks exhibited at Chinese New Year festival in Footscray, Young Sparks spirit was shared with more locals in West Melbourne areas

Mar, 2020

Max Biocare Myanmar team introduced Young Sparks spirit in Myanmar.

Apr, 2020

Young Sparks moved all programs online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Aug, 2020

  • Young Sparks hosted Young Sparks online Chess Tournament, more than 500 kids played the tournament.
  • Run a trial of Business course within Young Sparks community.
  • Max Biocare Vietnam team introduced Young Sparks spirit in Vietnam.

Oct, 2020

Young Sparks introduced Young Sparks Academy, a more intensive course-based program extend beyond the normal school curriculum.

Jan, 2021

  • Young Sparks new website
  • Young Sparks introduced the volunteer program for students between Year 10 and Year 11

(Young Sparks is proudly sponsored by Max Biocare)

Young Sparks Academy

Young Sparks academy gives all children the opportunity to deep dive into more intensive course-based programs while still having all the fun of our regular Young Sparks activities. These scholarship based short-courses extend beyond the normal school curriculum covering topics including; business, entrepeneurship, finance, science, nutrition, advanced chess skills and more.




Dr. George Thouas has worked as a scientist in medical research for nearly 20 years. At Max Biocare, he researches and develops new products for many areas of human health. Outside of work, George loves science fiction movies, bike riding, and walking his beautiful dog.

Founder of Elli


Paul is the Managing Director and Founder of elli, a remote-care mobile application that delivers peace-of-mind to the families of those living with dementia. His passion is in creating digital products that have a positive impact. A business guy with a technical background, he loves to teach and share what he has been able to experience over the last 14 years in the industry, a perfect match for our Young Sparks.

Candidate Master


Anthony Hain has been a chess coach for over 10 years. He enjoys the mental challenge of mind games and puzzles, including playing chess blindfolded. Outside of chess his hobbies include squash & racquetball.



Diana is a nutritionist with qualifications in Health Science – Nutritional Medicine, and a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition. She has worked in clinical practice for close to 10 years, helping people to manage to their health conditions through diet and lifestyle. Since returning from maternity leave in 2019, Diana joined the team at Max Biocare team and is thrilled be able to pass on her knowledge to those involved in Young Sparks. 

Child Protection Officer


Biak is an incredible role model within society. Not only being able to speak three dialects, she has travelled the world through her studies. Studying Social work, Theology, History and Missiology.