Young Sparks Allegro International Chess Tournament (Aug 2020) Prize Winners

With 4 divisions, almost 1000 games played and multiple prize winners, it was as memorable as they come.

Division – Over 1600
1st Nguyen Doan Giang
2nd Bao Khang
3rd Cael Province


Division – 1100 – 1600
1st Nguyen Trung Kien
2nd Bui Minh Duy
3rd Bui Minh Phong


Division – 600 – 1100
1st Duy-Minh Mai
2nd Michael Wang 
3rd Tony Tuan


Division – Under 600
1st Hoang Quang
2nd Tran Hai Dang
3rd Nguyen Hai Khanh


Best game Award:
▪Division 1600+: Jonathan Bodemar vs Bao Khang
▪Division 1100-1600 Nguyen Minh Hieu vs Do Quang Minh
▪Division 600-1100 Felix Wang vs Nguyen Tuan Minh
▪Division under 600 Tran Hai Dang vs Lakshya Arun

Rating improvements Award:
▪Division under 600: Arnav Doss +57
▪Division 600-1100: Vivian Lee +76
▪Division 1100-1600: Eric Liang +45
▪Division 1600+: There were no players with established ratings so no prize for this division.

YoungSparks Outstanding Player Award:
▪Division 1600+: Luke Tran
▪Division 1100-1600: Oliver Cordover
▪Division 600-1100: Tharan Balachander
▪Division under 600: Bang