Meet Young Sparks Entrepreneur – Hiba Nasir

I would like to introduce you all to Hiba Nasir! She participated in YoungSparks Entrepreneurial course, which was ran in partnership with Australian School of Entrepreneurship (ASE). The course occurred over the duration of 5days, where we ran through a series of business principles. These including marketing techniques, how to make a business plan and the importance of understanding profit and loss, and budgeting and pricing. We had a terrific group join us for the program, with a diverse range of ages, locations and backgrounds. As such, I was granted the opportunity to interview Hiba Nasir and find out more about her.

This 13year old girl is not only interested in business, but is also passionate about beauty, paint, and public speaking. Never hearing of a young girl who loves public speaking, I wanted to find out how she found this passion. So, in fourth grade, Hiba was scared to try new things and was a little hesitant to take a leap of faith at the opportunities that came her way. Although, when she was at school one day, she was given the chance to try Public speaking and something in her just said “do it” – although she was scared, she knew she had to give it a go. Now, three years later, she is proudly representing her school in several competitions. These competitions ranging from competing against other schools in Melbourne, and even stretch as far as competing against different schools around the whole country! How incredible is that! Public speaking giving her the opportunity to write speeches on different topics and giving her the chance to learn something new and experience new things. One of her favourite topics to write about was “dreaming of your favourite place to travel to”; and being the smart and intellectual girl she is, Paris was of course her choice – I mean, how can you pass on the opportunity to try their incredible croissants or see the Eifel tower!

(Hiba Nasir)

I then wanted to learn more about the competitions themselves and how she feels standing on that stage in front of people she doesn’t know. She phrased it to me like this; it’s basically a roller-coaster from the moment you step onto that stage. When I was still new to public speaking and when I said the wrong thing, or forgot something, it haunted me and I was scared to go back out there, but once I got the hang of it, I soon realised that I am more than capable of doing this. And, eventually, I started stepping onto that stage with a bundle of confidence trailing behind me.

Getting back on topic, Hiba absolutely loved the business course as it gave her a real insight at what it takes to start a business. From learning about all the roles, how to make money from your business and how to make your own products and advertise it to the world, Hiba found herself very grateful for the opportunity and would definitely recommend it to other children. Saying it’s a great way to educate yourself about making money.

As a final word of advice, Hiba wanted to share something that changed her life – “always keep your mind open to new things, and if you’re passionate about something, then chase after it.” That, ladies and gentlemen, are some very wise words from a 13year old girl who is just getting started. Hiba, we wish you all the best for your future endeavours and we can’t wait to watch you grow!

Written by Victoria Despina Argyropoulos