Isolation has been a unique experience for everyone.

Isolation has been a unique experience for everyone. Some people may say it’s also been fun and exciting, whereas others may not. Learning from home, hanging out with my family, and generally managing my own time, have all been positive aspects for myself. Although, what I’ve loved about isolation the most, is seeing how the community comes together to support one another.

A big downfall of isolation though is not being able to engage within a classroom, ask as many questions and further my connection with the teacher. These have all been difficult, however, also very beneficial. I have learned so much more about resources, as well as how to self-motivate myself, and become an initiator. This whole experience has really taught me to grow and learn by myself and truly become independent. And, believe it or not, this has increased my confidence and mindset towards home-based schooling. But I will say, the biggest downfall of isolation is not being able to see my friends. With not being able to see them, I have had to communicate with my friends more over text message and learn how to control the tone of my voice too.

Generally doing things that I love through quarantine has been so great. Being able to work out more, create more drawings and complete more creative activities, all when it best suits me, has truly been amazing. Although, I will say that my sleeping patterns have dramatically changed, and it’s been difficult to adjust to everything now that things are slowly starting to get back to normal.

With that, I hope everyone is keeping safe during this time and is taking advantage of the spare time we all now have.