Course Details – World Chess Champion History

Session 1: Introduction

In the Pre world championship era, who were the strongest and most revered players of history? We will examine a few games played by those players and ask who among them deserved the title of world champion.

Louis-Charles Mahé de La Bourdonnais

Howard Staunton

Adolf Anderssen

Paul Morphy

Session 2: José Raúl Capablanca (Endgame extraordinaire)

The strongest player of his time, he was avoided by world champions before and after him as they were afraid of his playing ability. What made him special and what did he do so well?

Session 3: Mikhail Tal (Attacking genius)

The wild side of chess. Perfect play is not required to be the best, sometimes all it takes is to scare your opponent a little, or in the case of Mikhail Tal… A LOT

2+2=5 and there is only room for 1 to escape. Welcome to the nightmare of playing against the strongest attacking player of all time.

Session 4:  Robert J. Fischer 1 against the world

What will it take to break the stranglehold of soviet chess? A federation, A country, no it takes is one man! Bobby Fischer, a self-taught genius that took on the chess world to become arguably one of the greatest players ever

Session 5: Garry Kasparov The age of accuracy

Grandmasters don’t lose often and beating them is extremely difficult at the best of times so when young Garry came along and was beating many of the best players in just 26 moves it meant he was doing something special. Accuracy was the key. Garry was the hope of humanity against the uprising of computers like Deep Blue. Garry is widely recognized as the greatest player ever by many.

Session 6: Magnus Carlsen Modern times

Who’s world champion now? How good is he? What is he capable of? Magnus is the youngest world number one in history and the highest rated player of all time. He holds the record for the longest unbeaten streak of all time. Magnus is patient, he will grind his opponents down mercilessly over time. He does not care if he wins in 5 moves or 500 moves, as long as he wins. Will he be the greatest player ever? The future will tell all…