Book Review – The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (Age range 9 – 12)

“Nobody Owens has spent his childhood in the most unusual of circumstances.”

He lives in a graveyard. Raised by ghosts, werewolves and other creatures who call the graveyard home, Bod learns how to disappear with his will and other ancient customs used by the dead, only to be thrust into the world of the living. Will Bod with his quirks and all, be able to confront life when all he’s ever known is death?

Why you should read this book…

  1. Uniqueness. Neil Gaiman, who also wrote Coraline is an amazing author who is known for his unique subjects and quirky characters. The Graveyard Book is no different, with a host of fascinating characters that bring life to the story.
  2. Here’s one for the kids who like horror stories (and the ones who don’t). There are some slightly spine-chilling elements to this book, but nothing that will make you keep the light on long after you’ve read it. Instead, it serves to make the plot even more interesting and adds a little kick to the story.
  3. Bod is a great and strong main character. He is clever, determined, loyal, brave and sometimes mischievous, but essentially, he is the selfless child in all of us.


So, try this out, because after all “it takes a graveyard to raise a child.”

(By Chelsea, Year 9, one of our Young Sparks Volunteers)