Book Review – Wonder by RJ Palacio (age range 8-12)

Wonder by RJ Palacio (age range 8-12)

“I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.

August Pullman, called Auggie by his close friends and family is a ten-year old boy, born with severe facial differences. Little kids hide behind their mothers when they see his face. Older kids are disgusted by him. But what they don’t see is behind the multiple surgeries that he is a normal ten-year-old kid. He has a dog that he loves more than anything called Daisy, he likes Star Wars and Halloween is his favourite holiday. Homeschooled for four years, he is starting in fifth grade at Beecher Prep.

Wonder tells of his struggles, frienships and most of all the power of kindness in an engaging and joyful read.

Why you should read this book…

  1. It is a real tear-jearker
  2. Even if you prefer fantasy of science fiction, this is a great book to start with in realistic fiction. It has a wonderful story, and the characters are very real and three-dimensional. You get to see the experiences of so many characters, with their separate storylines tying in beautifully to create a work of art.
  3. This book is a symbol of how people should be treated by their personality instead of their appearance as well as a beautiful symbol of HOPE, FAMILY, LOVE and KINDNESS.


So, when you can, read this amazing book and always remember… CHOOSE KINDNESS

(By Chelsea, Year 9, one of our Young Sparks Volunteers)