2020 Term 2 Chess Course: Defense

Term 2: Defense

Venue: Level 1, 667 Chapel Street, South Yarra, 3141, Victoria, Melbourne

Ages: 6-13

Term Fee: $0


Date: Sunday, June 21, 2020

Session 1: Avoiding checkmate and defending yourself

Focus: Defence, threats & problem solving

In relation to real life skills and problem solving, we are looking to teach children and help them to gain an understanding of risk management. Here, we show that patience, calmness and a clear mind is necessary in pressure situations in order to survive. Defending in chess is a very difficult skill, as such we will cover the ideas players should be thinking about and be aware of the threats that could appear in any given position. Using game examples, we can see in motion, the ‘what ifs’ and ‘what they did’, essentially comparing the two and demonstrating the importance of awareness and spotting the threat early through various game examples.

Date: Sunday, July 19, 2020   

Session 2: The different kinds of defence that there are

Focus: Defence tactics & different structures of defending

Having looked at various ideas of defending, we now look at a more practical side of things. Covering different defensive tactics and helping to show when to use what. We’ll look at different structures whilst defending, and tackle what we can do in these different situations to stay alive. We will examine different techniques that players use, including draws (stalemate, 50move rule, three food repetition), blockade/fortress, and counter attacks.

Date: Sunday, August 16, 2020 

Session 3: How can they see it coming, awareness, how they can counter back

Focus: Defensive theory and game analysis

In this session we demonstrate a defence from start to finish, using real life examples of players who used different defensive tactics. For instance, games like, Anthony Miles vs Nigel Short (London P&D), which show outstanding defensive skills by one party, but theoretically, he should have lost. As well as Alexander Beliavsky vs Larry Christiansen (Reggio Emilia), which demonstrates a similar idea, but a different defensive method. Good defenders know not to give up, as they know how to get out.


You will need to bring:

A water bottle to stay hydrated, snacks if you get peckish and any medication you require, such as an EpiPen or an asthma puffer.

About the coach: Anthony Hain (CM) 

Anthony Hain has been a chess coach for over 10 years. He enjoys the mental challenge of mind games and puzzles, including playing chess blindfolded. In the 2015 Oceania Zonal Open Championship, Anthony received his Candidate Master FIDE title. Outside of chess his hobbies include squash & racquetball.

Here are some of Anthony’s achievements:

  • 2015 Under 2200 rating prize winner at Doeberl Cup
  • 2015 Candidate Master Title Achieved at the Sydney Oceania Zonal
  • 2017 A Grade National Racquetball circuit champion
  • 2017 A Grade Racquetball Australian Open Winner
  • 2017 A Grade Racquetball Victorian Open Winner
  • 2018 Top Cut Finalist at the Dragonball super card game national championships


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