Christina’s Life Diary: Day 1

Hello, I’m a young female and I’m starting year 9 in 2020. I’m 13 years old and I love anything to do with arts, and if anyone would like to know, my favorite color is yellow. I live in a small apartment, with my parents and three brothers, and I attend a popular private school within the heart of Melbourne. On a side note, I’m really interested in design work, art, project development, business, event planning, and fashion. I also have a lot of hobbies that I love to do in my own time, and I consider myself as a creative person.

When I was younger, I found some parts of school quite difficult and it took me longer to do simple tasks compared to my friends. I hardly noticed this, although my teachers and family did. So, through some discussions, I did some testing and I found out that I was dyslexic. In short, what dyslexia means, is that I process information a little bit slower than everyone else, and during some activities I need some extra help. Although, my dyslexia hasn’t stopped me from doing what I love or simply being me. It hasn’t changed my love for school or lowered my confidence. I am who I am because of my dyslexia, and my friends and peers have also shown me how smart I am regardless of it.

I find that I am really good at some parts of school and others I need a bit more help with. When I was younger, I did programs similar to Young Sparks which helped me develop skills and a better understanding of topics that I learned during school. I also did a lot of extra studies and I had many people helping me in different subjects. I guess, I know how it feels to join something and not be very good at it. Although one thing I can tell you, is that if you keep trying your best, you can get better. And, just like I was given a helping hand when I was younger, I want to help others out there who are just like me.

I have decided to share my experiences with dyslexia in order to offer support to other young people with learning disabilities. I also promise that this blog is going to be filled with lots of positive advice and tips that I wish I knew when I was younger. There are many different ways to learn and I just want to tell you all about them. I will keep you updated on how school is going and how I am managing everything. I just want this to be a space where you feel comfortable to ask questions and reach out for help.

Something to keep in mind, I am aiming to post a blog once a month, maybe even fortnightly. Feel free to leave a comment below and go to the Young Sparks Instagram page for more information.


Thanks for reading!

See you soon,