A Gymnast’s Diary: Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Leyla. I am a 14-year-old girl and I live in Melbourne. My favourite subject at school is art. I love design, drawing and creating imagery. Ever since I was little, I have been surrounded by design. My father is an architect and my mother is an interior designer. From seeing their work and by being surrounded by these things, I would like to be an architect too when I grow up. Wanting to design buildings all around the world. Moving onto sport, my favourite sport is gymnastics, which I have been doing for 5 years now. I instantly fell in love with it ever since my first lesson. My favourite apparatus is ‘floor’ as you can express yourself the most.

Ever since I have started school, maths and science have never been my forte. At my school there are maths ability levels, 3 groups that are from easiest to hardest, this is to help students that need more help than the students who were more advanced and needed to be more challenged. This brought my confidence down as all my other friends were in the higher ability groups. As time went on, my parents thought that it would be best for me to have a tutor. Since then I have improved and flourished into a better learner. Having a tutor has helped me understand that it’s beneficial to have others assisting you with your learning. Not only do you become better at the topic at hand, but it also makes you believe in yourself and I feel as though you’re able to progress out of your comfort zone.

I have also joined groups at school. One of these groups is a student wellbeing action team, that assists younger girls in gaining confidence and gives us a chance to demonstrate leadership. When I was given the chance of joining ‘Young Sparks,’ I was looking forward to participating in this group, where I would be able to develop new skills in leadership and being able to assist in helping others.

I have wished to undertake a blog as I want to share advice to those who need it and to participate in sharing about myself as well. I will include my interests and challenges I have faced and experienced and hopefully those that read it can find this helpful and relatable. I will post a new blog every month and keep you updated. Make sure that if you have any questions, please leave a comment and check out our ‘Young Sparks’ Instagram page so that you keep posted on new information and other blogs!

Thank you so much for reading and  look forward to hearing any questions in addition to the blog!!

See you soon,

Leyla xxx