Introduce Young Sparks Academy:
Intensive, Advanced, and Free

An intensive course-based programs to all kids. These scholarship based short-courses extend beyond the normal school curriculum covering topics including; business, entrepeneurship, finance, science, nutrition, advanced chess skills and more.

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About Us

Young Sparks is on every month, with several different activities running. The activities we run are for those wishing to grow, finding their passion, or are simply wanting to try something new. Kids can also apply Young Sparks Academy course-based program to explore and learn business, finance, nutrition, and more.

About Us

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Need more activities out of Young Sparks time? Access our publications online, Young Sparks publications, including quiz books, colouring books, and children books, are all free to read or download.

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Young Sparks Kids

Founded for & Driven by kids, we encourage children to grow out of their shells and give them the tools to accomplish anything they set their mind too.

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You can find all our activities, courses, and events on the event calendar.

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